About Us

Inklusive CIC is a Community Interest Company founded as a result of discussions with Remploy about creating new profitable business opportunities for the employment of disadvantaged people.

The team at Inklusive have over 30 years experience in the digital ink markets and believe there are significant opportunities in the market for a social business offering quality products and customer service excellence.

The key objectives for the Company are as follows;
  • Provide a high quality product and service to our customers at a competitive price when compared to the Original Equipment Manufacturer
    • Most people are aware that desktop Inks and toners as supplied by the OEM are extremely high priced
    • We can save most companies about 40% of their current spend but provide comparable quality and overall a better service backed with the best warranty in the industry. (See Warranty)
    • We can make these savings by recycling the cartridges which actually cost more than the ink or toner they contain.
  • Provide a recycling solution for cartridges that would otherwise ultimately become waste
    • Over 60% of all inkjet and toner cartridges end up in landfill and contribute significantly to chemical contamination. The plastics are not bio degradable.
    • The majority can be recycled several times or alternatively we can provide cartridges specifically designed to refilled thus reducing waste and also product cost.
  • Provide employment opportunities and training for disadvantaged people
    • Inklusive works closely with Remploy and the local community. It is dedicated to providing employment opportunities and training for disadvantaged groups of people.
    • The jobs must be real and pay competitive salaries without the need for long term subsidies from local or central government.
    • Buying from Inklusive helps us achieve this objective. As we grow so our employment opportunities grow.