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Inks and Toner Series Application and Equipment Limited Warranty

Inklusive now offers an extensive range of cartridges containing aqueous digital inks and toners for many of the leading desktop digital printers. The ink formulations are specifically matched to the requirements of each printer.

The digital inks chosen by Inklusive incorporate premium grade pigments, dyes and resins to ensure a performance comparable to the original ink supplies. In keeping with our commitment to provide quality products, Inklusive offers limited warranties to provide customer assurance that the inks will perform reliably during the printing process and on finished graphics.

Inklusive Digital Equipment Limited Warranty

If a manufacturing or design defect of Inklusive Digital Inks and/or cartridges are proven to be the direct cause of a printer breakdown resulting in the cancellation of the equipment warranty or denial of service by the manufacturer, Inklusive will provide reimbursement for costs required to repair damage to the ink delivery system, subject to the following:

Inklusive liability under this Digital Equipment Limited Warranty is limited to (a) the cost of replacement parts directly damaged by Inklusive products, (b) technician’s labor expenses associated with their installation. Inklusive at its discretion may decide to replace the printer should replacement prove to be more cost effective.

Inklusive shall not be liable for, equipment downtime or any other consequential damages related to a claim under the Digital Equipment Limited Warranty. It is the user’s responsibility to immediately cease using defective product. Inklusive’s consideration of the claim will be based on the customer demonstrating that the inks were correctly installed in properly functioning equipment and that damage to the printer was a sole result of a manufacturing or design defect of the Inklusive product. Inklusive is not responsible for loss or damage caused by improper care or maintenance of equipment or repairs that would be associated with normal equipment operation.

Notification of claim:

In the event of a claim under the Inklusive Digital Equipment Limited Warranty, the customer is required to provide notification of claim within one business day of technician’s service report. Notification must be made to Inklusive Worksop. Upon notification, a warranty claim report will be provided to the customer outlining the information required for consideration of the claim. This will include, but is not necessarily limited to:

Digital Equipment Limited Warranty claim: Inklusive ink batch number; copies of invoices showing purchase values of the ink in use at the time of damage; copies of service reports specifying damage to the equipment, cost of replacement parts and installation labor. Inklusive reserves the right to inspect all parts reported damaged and to perform an on site inspection prior to payment of any claims.